Property Market Analysiss


Blueprint is a unique system that provides a 'bird's eye view' of the South African property market. It delivers summarised information on residential and agricultural property transfers, bond, lending risk and market analytics for a number of pre-defined geographical views. The geographic views start at a national level and drill down to various provincial, municipal, suburb and property views.

The information is helpful input for strategy, risk and marketing analytics for property related businesses and most especially lenders.

What's included in Blueprint?

Transfer Information:

  • provides a summary for a 3 and 12 month period of all property transfers (count, total and average value) for a selected geographical area, categorised by property type, transfer type and price bands.

Bond Information:

  • provides a snapshot view for a 3 and 12 month period of all bond registrations (number and value) for a selected geographical area, enabling easy analysis of the lending activity and market share.
  • Bond Trends offers a graphical representation of the total value of bonds registered per institution, per year from 2002 to date.

Market Analysis

Market trends is a report thats showing:

  • Average Prices per Year
  • Number of Sales per Year
  • Average Price Changes per Annum
  • Price Bands - Volume of Sales for the last 3 and 12 month

Risk Information

The Risk Data summary provides information on Area Exposure (AE) per institution and includes our proprietary Risk Quality Grade (RQG) for the selected area.

  • The Area Exposure index enables lenders to determine their respective market share based on the number of bonded properties registered by lender compared to overall count of properties in the selected geographical area/s.
  • The Risk Quality Grade combines 4 key metrics, namely Delphi Score (from credit bureau data), Price Appreciation, Distressed Sales Factor and Liquidity to offer an overall security quality measure for the selected geographical area/s.

In addition, Blueprint provides spatial access to Lightstone's Property Information Toolkit reports for generating more detailed, property related reports and overviews, for example, an Property Valuation Report, by clicking on a property on the map. This is widely used by estate agents, valuers and banks where a spatial approach to generating information is helpful.

How to access Blueprint

Blueprint is primarily accessed through a user-friendly web browser (online) but customised data extracts (offline) as defined by client requirements are also possible. Blueprint is available as an 'off-the-shelf' product or can be customised to reflect client specific territories and data requirements. It has the capability of being further enhanced to include client market share and other proprietary data.

Please contact us for access or further information