POPIA for Estate Agents

The POPIA back story

On 1 July 2020 South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act or POPIA) officially came into effect. The Act is designed to give people more control over their personal information and how it gets used. All businesses must be fully compliant with the Act by 1 July 2021.

POPIA is going to impact the way Estate Agents do business in many ways. In anticipation of the changes we are creating and sharing information that may be useful to Estate Agents in preparation for the new ways of working. We previously shared a Series titled, Getting to know POPI, and now as part of Series 2, we will be sharing insights and information on What POPIA means for your business.

Please note: This has been created to help Estate Agents unpack POPIA and its practical implications, but does not claim to offer legal advice.

Series 1: Getting to know POPI
Series 2: What POPIA means for your business

What does POPIA mean for the future of the client contact book?

In this episode we discuss client contact books…what they are, what information they contain and how the POPI Act will change the way we gain and use that information.

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Please note: These conversations have been created to help you unpack POPIA and its practical implications, but may not in any way be construed as legal advice from Lightstone (Pty) Ltd or its directors, employees, agents or other representatives ("Lightstone"). The views set out herein are simply Lightstone’s interpretation of a number of topics related to POPIA and Lightstone does not warrant the correctness, completeness or accuracy of the information set out herein. Please do not rely on this information and seek formal, professional legal advice in relation to POPIA. Lightstone shall not have any liability for any reliance on this information by you or any other third party.

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